Ear to the Earth, October 2008

EMF Board of Directors

Roy Altman. Chairman. CEO and Founder of Peopleserv, inc., a business consulting firm that provides high-profile customers with relationship-mapping software. Mr. Altman's current client is Nasdaq.

Joel Chadabe. President. Composer, author of Electric Sound, founder of Electronic Music Foundation, Mr. Chadabe is Professor Emeritus at State University of New York and currently on the faculty at New York University.

Maria Cox. Director, Secretary. Photographer and international sales executive based in New York City, Ms. Cox is Genius Wall Sales Manager for KI, Inc.

Mark Moffett. Director. Author, entomologist, ecologist, prize-winning photographer for National Geographic, and recipient of the Lowell Thomas Medal from the Explorers Club and Rolex, Mr. Moffett is a television personality, public speaker, and world traveler.

Charles Lindsay. Director. Currently SETI Institute’s first Artist in Residence, photographer, musician, sculptor, Mr. Lindsay has worked as an exploration geologist in the arctic, photojournalist in the jungles of southeast Asia, and he has published six books of photographs with Aperture and Little Brown.

Glenn Cornett. Director. MD, PhD, biotechnology entrepreneur, trombonist, and President of New Spectrum Foundation, Mr. Cornett has maintained an interest in music performance and composition.

Joshua Zinder. Director. LEED accredited architect, founder and principal of JZA+D, an architectural and design firm located in Princeton, New Jersey, recipient of American Institute of Architects Award for Waku Ghin, a new restaurant in Singapore, Mr. Zinder has worked on The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Chancellor Green Princeton University, MTI Television Studios, and a wide variety of other projects.

Associate Board Members

William Blakeney. Director. Active as producer of concerts and CDs, longterm EMF partner in numerous projects, Mr. Blakeney is currently a member of Blakeney Henneberry Murphy & Galligan, a law firm in Toronto, Canada.

Executive Advisory Committee

Marc Battier. Associate Director, EMF Publishing Programs. Composer, author, historian, Mr. Battier is currently Professor at the Sorbonne, Paris, France.

Paul Lansky. Composer and pioneer of computer music, Mr. Lansky is currently Professor of Music at Princeton University.

Carla Scaletti. Composer, multimedia artist, software engineer, entrepreneur, Ms. Scaletti is currently President of Symbolic Sound Corporation.