Full house at Messa di Voce, February 2009

Where we're going. In the fall of 2013, EMF became the founding partner of New Music World, a new organization that launched in January 2014 with an updated approach to several of EMF's programs. To learn more about New Music World ... go here! For more information about the relationship between EMF and New Music World, go here! For information about becoming a New Music World member, go here.

What we do ... We produce events, inspire research, publish media, and circulate information and materials through our international community ... learn more. Are you a music or sound art professional? ... join us! Simply standing by? ... sign up for an email list. Would you like to support us? ... go here!

Kyma workshops. We're conducting Kyma workshops at the Greenwich House Music School. What is Kyma? The most powerful, the most interactive, the easiest to learn ... more about this. Would you like to receive notices about the workshops? ... let us know.

Our reception for Walter Branchi's new book took place in April. Prize-winning electronic music pioneer in Italy, landscape designer and world reknowned expert in Tea, China and Noisette Roses, author of several books on music, Branchi relates music to the world. Learn more ... go here

Walter Branchi

Our concerts of music by Luigi Nono took place in February. Here are some fragments from The New York Times' review: "a brief but illuminating series ... I admired in roughly equal measure Nono’s imaginative, exacting manipulation of sound, space and silence; the deft, skillful work of the NYU Percussion Ensemble ..." To see what happened ... go here

Luigi Nono

Ear to the Earth. Images and sounds and free downloads from the Ear to the Earth Festival 2011 — subtitled New York Soundscape — are now online ... look and listen

Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, at the Ear to the Earth festival

And meet some of our people around the world ...

Richard Lainhart (1953—2011), composer, performed on October 26 in this year's Ear to the Earth festival. In this photo he performs 100 x John 2: Manhattan Sounds, for electric guitar and Kyma. It's a remarkable sound ... look, listen and download

Richard Lainhart performing at Greenwich House Music School, October 26, 2011


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